Career Guidance & 
​Work Experience

National Career Service
Government website which allows students to explore different job roles, assess which skills they will need for a job and advice on the next steps they need to take.
Through our career education we promote a variety of learning and vocational opportunities. In year 10 and 11 students have the option to undertake vocational placements with an appropriate provider to enhance their learning and support their future studies. 

Many of our staff have varied experiences outside the world of education and this helps our students explore different jobs and careers in depth with expert knowledge. 

Students who wish to undertake a work placement should seek advice from their form tutor or subject teacher. The school will help support the student in finding an apporopriate experience, applying, ensuring health and safety and essential legistlation is met before the placement and then support the placement provider and student throughout the experience. 

In lessons in various subjects students will explore real life contexts of working and how to apply for a job or further studying opportunites. We teach our students how to write a CV, covering letter, complete application forms, explore college or apprentice opportunites and much more. 

During 2016/17 the school set up a link with The Manchester College who have been delivering sessions about the students futures and assisting students in preparing for post 16 education and training.
The Manchester College