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Our Curriculum

Our students follow a wide and varied curriuculum that is geared to their age and ability which aims to prepare them for their next steps. Our curriculum is organised into the national key stages where pupils will follow the key concepts of the National Curriculum. Due to the nature of our provision and the indidividual needs of each student not all students will follow the same curriculum plan and this will be discussed with the student, parent or carer and other proffessionals. ​​​

All students will undertake a programme of study through all the key stages in English, Maths, Science, Physical Education, PHSE and ICT.

​During Key stage 4 students can select options where they study for a specific qualification this may be a GCSE or a equivalant certifcate that prepares them for their next steps. 

As part of the programme of study in each subject, many opportunities arise for cross curricular and thematic teaching and learning. This style allows students to explore one theme in a range of subjects allowing them to understand its relevance. We also offer an eco school option where students apply their skills from science, humantities, PSHE and technologies on a weekly basis to increase their awareness practically of gardening and being green. 

KS4 Results

We had one student sitting external exams in May/June 2018. They performed well achieving their target grades in Entry Level English, Mathematics and Science. On leaving the school they went into the world of work via an apprenticship.

Other pupils took a range of AQA Units related to their personal interests and vocational studies.

Well done to all pupils achieving external qualifications.